we do it in your kitchen

Welcome to the culinary misfits!


personal chef + in-home catering

Our services are unique!

We are not your average personal chef service or caterer; we are a hybrid of both. We offer plated, family-style and buffet services. Ultimately, what makes us unique, is that your food is cooked on site for its absolute freshness. Also, we only our offer services to homes, vacation rentals and private boats/pontoons with access to a grill on board. 


How it works!

Booking your event

  1. Click on any box that says [MENUS + AVAILABILITY] and fill out the form to begin.
  2. If the date you are requesting is available, you will receive an email with a link to our menus with pricing. 
  3. Once you have decided on your menu click on [BOOK EVENT] and fill out form.
  4. Once we receive your BOOK EVENT form, we will email you your online deposit that can be paid from your smart phone, tablet or desktop. 
  5. Once your deposit is paid, sit back and relax... that was the hard part.

NOTE: Your event is not secure until your deposit has been paid or notified by culinary misfits in writing (email only)

Day of your event

your chef will do the shopping, arrive to your home a few hours earlier than your guests, start cooking everything fresh and serve. All you need to do is set the table, stock the bar, have a clean and ready kitchen with a self in the fridge. When dinner is done, we will leave your kitchen the way we found it we a little extra love. 

Equipment + Supplies

pots + pans



the occasion

What's the occasion?! We are a perfect option for smaller events at home like rehearsal dinners, birthdays, company dinners or parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties and of course casual nights in with friends.


Our fearless leader.

Chef Eric James | Culinary Misfits

Chef Eric James has been cooking since he was a child. Just like so many other chefs before him, Eric began his love and journey with food and his mothers and grandmothers kitchen. 

The difference with Eric is that he quickly recognized something that was more important than the food, the memories. Eric believes that the kitchen is the heart of the house where people come together to share stories, life experiences and joy.